About TradoCenter

About TradoCenter

We transcend the financial world, making it exciting

TradoCenter is the place where beginners and professional traders meet in the pursuit of appropriate trading facilities and to bridge the gap between them, we offer some of the most efficient trading helping tools, features, and trading strategies.

As an online CFDs’ broker, we are offering a wide list of financial assets. Regardless of your trading experience, you can trade with different currency pairs, CFDs on commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices using incredibly tight spreads.

Our innovative trading platform PROfit is friendly enough to guide you through your first trades, if you are a beginner, and at the same time it is powerful enough to satisfy your most sophisticated needs, if you are a professional trader.

We aim to be transparent as regards the procedures and costs for deposit of client funds and withdrawals, while considering the safety of our client funds, and we take all sufficient steps to achieve the best possible speed of orders execution.

The multilingual support on TradoCenter is also available 24/7. If you have the slightest question in relation to the operation of your trading account about anything, we got you all covered.

If you want to become a successful Forex trader, then we have a common goal. We are determined to provide you with customer service that is always there to listen and help.You will have free training and an investment platform even if you are just making your initial steps in the trading world.

The first step is to open an account and complete registration. We will give you a free demo trading account to use until you fill ready to use you real trading account.

We give new meaning to Online Trading through an efficient, easy-to-use platform for PC and mobile devices. Experience CFD Trading like never before, regardless of being in a cozy chair at home, in front of your computer or on the go. Place epic trades with a single touch.

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We would like to inform you that FF Simple and Smart Trades Investment Services Ltd with License Number 080/07 operating under the trade names Tradocenter and ToroInvest and the domains www.tradocenter.com and www.toroinvest.com, has decided to voluntarily renounce its CIF license. This means that the company no longer provides/carries out investment services/activities and/or enters into any business transaction with any person nor does it accept any new clients.

As per the above, clients have received personal emails with further information.