TradoCenter: How to contact us?

Your interest is our interest. So, if you have any questions or even the slightest doubt regarding your account or trades you made, our friendly team of professionals will be eager to help. You just have to state your request, filling the contact form with all your information and the problem you are experiencing, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can call one of the numbers below, in service hour, if you prefer a more direct human contact.

    Company Information

    Company Name:  FF Simple and Smart Trades Investment Services Ltd

    Head Office Address: 62 Athalassis Avenue, Mezzanine, Strovolos , 2012, Cyprus

    Phone: +357 22 275730

    General Enquiries:  

    Customer Service:


    *All calls made or received by FF Simple and Smart Trades Investment Services Ltd (TradoCenter) are recorded as required by law. For more info, please refer to our Privacy Policy. The company also uses VoIP phone numbers with German, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, UK, Finnish, Danish and Italian prefixes. A VoIP number is a phone connection over the Internet and is not a local landline or mobile number.

    Need Help? Contact Us!
    Need Help?
    Contact Us!

    Ahora puede utilizar el WhatsApp para conectarse con nosotros en directo. Al hacer clic en WhatsApp, reconoce que la empresa no puede hacerse responsable de la seguridad o privacidad de la información que usted envíe a través de WhatsApp durante su comunicación con la empresa, incluida la obtención de conversaciones, dirección de correo electrónico o cualquier otro dato personal por parte de terceros. Para obtener más información, consulte nuestro Descargo de Responsabilidad de Terceros.

    The Company would like to announce its decision that, as of 07th August, 2022 it will no longer be providing investment services.

    For any further clarification, please contact our Customer Service Team.