Mobile Trading

TradoCenter’s intuitive mobile app

With our intuitive, easy-to-use Mobile PROfit app, you can make trades on the go and have all the financial information you need literally at your fingertips. You can scroll through all our features with a single touch any place, anytime. Also, you have access to all the helping tools you need, but in a smarter, more compact platform.

TradoCenter’s mobile app is available both for iOS and Android and is offering you the same features and extras as the desktop version but with a more compact and efficient platform that fits perfectly the palm of your hand.

What are the benefits of Mobile PROfit?

By using our new apps, you can make the most of all the benefits of the WebPROfit platform on your mobile device. You will receive live currency quotes, graphs, edit your positions and place trades on your phone or tablet.

Take advantage of a 24/7 access to the global markets with great features and functionalities through a simple, user-friendly interface.  Latest market news, Economic Calendar, and frequently updated analysis are at your disposal as well. You can also open different types of positions, check asset movements and follow different trading strategies. These wide variety of trading tools can be accessed and are perfectly compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Why should you use TradoCenter’s mobile app?

Mobile PROfit is our own exclusive trading app. It provides you with the possibility to place a trade from any place. It is well thought out and can alert you for any trading opportunity. If there is one, a price alert can be set to inform you that is time to open or close a certain position, so you can trade any time, any place.

You can be shopping in the mall, training in the gym or just going out for a walk in the park and still make a great trade. Using our Mobile PROfit can take your trading to the next level.

How to use Mobile PROfit?

Technology changed the world as we know it and is now changing the trading game as well. This is why Mobile PROfit offers the same functionalities as the desktop version, but in an exclusive, simple and intuitive app issued by TradoCenter. The only difference is that you have access to WebPROfit from the convenience of your mobile phone and tablet. Learn about all the influential news and events that occurred in the trading week with a single scroll. Browse through all the helping tools, charts, live rates and indices with a single flick.

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Need Help?
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