Margin Close-Out

Margin close-out (MCO) rule


In case the total margin in a retail client’s account drops below 50% compared to the initial margin amount needed for the remaining opened positions, the broker has the right to close one or more positions in order to maintain the retail client’s margin above zero. MCO is also applicable to Stop Loss Order or limited risk protection positions.

However, the MCO rule will not stop investors if they intend to ‘top up’ their margin.


What is the company’s default MCO rule?


By default, when the MCO is triggered, it will automatically close the position with the least volume. This action will be applied every time the MCO is triggered and may be repeated until there are no open positions left.

But if the MCO is triggered when a certain symbol of a position is out of market hours, then the position will remain open.

Margin Close Out is always triggered at 50% apart when adverse market conditions exist. In such rare cases the MCO is triggered at the closest rate possible to 50%.

If you require any further information in relation to the company’s execution of orders, please refer to the Order Execution Policy

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