Product sheet and costs

TradoCenter’s product sheet and costs

Rollover Fee on CFDs

Any trading position left open overnight, will be charged with a Rollover Fee. The Rollover Fee is debited from the trading account at 00:00 GMT as follows:


CFD Product
Rollover Fee
Currencies0.015% of the overnight exposure
Commodities0.02% of the overnight exposure
Indices0.015% of the overnight exposure
Shares0.05% of the overnight exposure
ETFs0.015% of the overnight exposure
Synthetic Derivatives
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Leverage factor x1: 0.015% of the overnight exposure

Leverage factor x3: 0.018% of the overnight exposure

Leverage factor x5: 0.030% of the overnight exposure

Leverage factor x7: 0.042% of the overnight exposure

Leverage factor x10: 0.060% of the overnight exposure

Leverage factor x15: 0.090% of the overnight exposure

Leverage factor x20: 0.120% of the overnight exposure
Cryptocurrencies0.50% (Retail Clients) 0.50% (Professional Clients)

Currency Conversion Fee

The Company will apply a Currency Conversion Fee on instruments denominated in a currency different to the currency of your account. The fee will not apply to Forex pairs. The fee will apply on Overnight Financing Fees (Rollover Fees) for positions left open overnight.
The Currency Conversion Fee amounts to 0.7% of the trade’s realised net profit and loss, which is reflected in real time in the open position’s unrealised net profit and loss.
The Currency Conversion Fee percentage may be changed from time to time.
Your account is denominated in EUR and the EUR/USD rate is 1.1615.
You open a 100USD Tesla sell position and incur a loss of -$260 (-€223.85).
Currency Conversion Fee = 0.7% of position’s net loss
-€223.85x 0.7% = -€1.57
Overall Net loss = -€ (223.85+ 1.57) = -€ 225.42
Overnight Financing Fee = -€37.02
Trade Size x Market Price x Overnight Financing Fee %
100 x $860 x 0.05% = $43 (€37.02)
€37.02 x 0.7% = €0.26
Overall Net Loss = -€ (37.02 + 0.26) = -€37.28

Administrative Fee on CFDs

In case of absence of any trading activity for a period of at least three (3) months, the Company reserves the right to apply a fee of EUR 150, charged on a quarterly basis.

FX Spot

Commodity Spot






Synthetic Derivative (BITA)

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