In order to make your trading experience easier and more dynamic, TradoCenter put a lot of effort to provide you with a simple withdrawal method. Client withdrawal requests will take very little of your time as long as you follow these simple steps:

  1. First, you have to login into your account and register your withdrawal request.
  2. In case you have used a Credit Card to fund your account, you just have to fill all the details in our Credit Card Declaration form and share it with us via one of the following methods – phone: +357 22 275730, or email at customer.service@tradocenter.com as a scanned image.

Bear in mind that your withdrawal will be credited back to you in accordance with the initial deposit method. For instance, if you used a credit card, then the withdrawal will be credited to you via the same method, but all the surplus funds will be credited to the provided Bank account from your side.

If you started with a $1000 deposit via credit card and you want to withdraw $1500, then $1000 will be refunded back to the provided credit card, and the surplus $500 will be refunded back to your Bank account.

Note: Our BackOffice Department will initiate the processing of withdrawal requests within one business day, should the relevant requirements are met as described in the Service Agreement and Appendices. The time needed for the funds to be transfer, might differ due to the payment method you choose.

Also, if during the withdrawal process you have opened positions or made new trades, your withdrawable equity might vary. All withdrawal requests made in spite of insufficient funds will not be processed. If you still wish to make withdrawals in the future after being rejected, you need to have sufficient equity available and then submit a new withdrawal request.

If there are any delays whatsoever, caused by incomplete or false personal information and documentation, or the internal procedures of your Bank, TradoCenter cannot be held responsible. We do not charge fees on your Bank transfers. However, we cannot guarantee that your Bank hasn’t any additional fees according to its own fee policy.

If you would like assistance with filling out the declaration forms, or if you have any other questions regarding our withdrawal procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone at +357 22 275730 or by email at backoffice@tradocenter.com

Need Help? Contact Us!
Need Help?
Contact Us!

Ahora puede utilizar el WhatsApp para conectarse con nosotros en directo. Al hacer clic en WhatsApp, reconoce que la empresa no puede hacerse responsable de la seguridad o privacidad de la información que usted envíe a través de WhatsApp durante su comunicación con la empresa, incluida la obtención de conversaciones, dirección de correo electrónico o cualquier otro dato personal por parte de terceros. Para obtener más información, consulte nuestro Descargo de Responsabilidad de Terceros.

We would like to inform you that FF Simple and Smart Trades Investment Services Ltd with License Number 080/07 operating under the trade names Tradocenter and ToroInvest and the domains www.tradocenter.com and www.toroinvest.com, has decided to voluntarily renounce its CIF license. This means that the company no longer provides/carries out investment services/activities and/or enters into any business transaction with any person nor does it accept any new clients.

As per the above, clients have received personal emails with further information.